Drug Overdose

There have been many occasions especially with young people that when one of their groups has overdosed on drugs and they have not called for the paramedics because they thought that they would get into trouble because the police would also be called.

Paramedics do not notify the police unless their own life is in danger from bystanders… Paramedics also carry a range of medication that can assist the overdosed casualty to recover quickly.

At the end of this post, I have provided a link with a drug and alcohol chart first aid treatment that is especially designed for the younger person. Its a bit funky to appear to that age group. This chart is highlighting the fact that police are not routinely called when someone rings for the paramedics to attend.

It also has simple first aid instructions to help them whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive. It’s a vital message contained in the chart is to look after your mates and this is part of this is education. This can start in the home in a casual conversation around drugs and calling triple zero when someone overdoses. They must understand that the police are not involved unless paramedics have concern for their own safety…

It is important to know what to do with a drug overdose. Here are the following steps:

  1. Stay calm and if unconscious and breathing, turn the casualty onto their side
  2. Call triple zero and request the ambulance.
  3. If possible, try and determine what drug was taken eg alcohol.
  4. Continually observe the casualty and ensuring that they are still breathing adequately

When you are speaking to the triple zero operator, they will also provide you with further advice, so by staying as calm as you can, this will help listening and providing further first aid to your mate.

Drugs are always around everyone, and its so important to discuss the plan, especially with children as having a plan to seek help will save lives. Please share the chart and post with your friends as its such an important topic to educate our kids.


drug overdose