A new ambulance, which is being classed as a revolution in stroke care is about to be trialed in Melbourne from November 20.  This ambulance could mean that stroke patients may have greater chance of a full recovery.  This ambulance which will have a stroke nurse, two paramedics, a radiographer and a CT scanner on board will be able to treat patients faster. For the next four years, the $1.5 million ambulance will operate within 20 kilometres of the Royal Melbourne hospital.  It is predicted the ambulance would treat up to 3000 patients a year.   CT images of the patient’s brain will be sent to a stroke neurologist at the hospital almost immediately.  If a patients’ blood clot can be dissolved early, it can make a huge difference in the person’s day to day living.

One in six people in Victoria may have a stroke in their lifetime with stoke being the leading cause of disability in Australia.

To improve ambulance response times, the Victorian Government’s Health Minister said they would invest $7.5 million into the trail.   This vehicle is virtually an emergency department on wheels that will ensure expert stroke care is delivered to the patient at a first response.